Uninvited Guest

Cancer is a highly charged, emotional subject with many contextual layers: societal, political, metaphoric, economic.  Yet, ultimately, it is supremely personal.

In addressing the issue I have tied to create a dialogue beyond the confines of the cancer world. Using an intimate setting – box interiors that are viewed individually at eye level – I have sought to bring the viewer into that personal world.

Built from door skin, the boxes are a metaphor for the hastily built, fragile “new” housing that is required when illness suddenly becomes part of our lives. The body we had relied on deserts us. The familiar is now suspect; nothing is sure. We find a plethora of information with no answers. Trust erodes, supplanted by uncertainties that dominate our physical and psychological lives.

Each person responds differently. These boxes are my responses reflected through my imagery and words along the poems of two northwest poets and myself.

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