Box 2 Chemo


Chemo brings the viewer simultaneously into the medical and the personal responses to cancer.

The walls, ceiling and floors are covered with medical descriptions of the physical effects of
The poem is printed on a clear plexiglas inner wall that fronts images of bald heads and describes
the experience of receiving chemotherapy treatment.


                   Chemo (Excerpted)


   I lie in the brown Naugahyde recliner
   in a line with six or seven others
   like someone with a steerage class ticket
   or in love with the elements.

   Facing a floor to ceiling window where 
   we can see what comes or goes
   It is strange to be wearing street clothes
   for this.


       Has longing and its wild procreations
       done this, unleashed rogue
       profligate cells?

       Have I wanted too much,
       thought the stranger at the door
       an angel of God, entertained 
       him unaware?

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